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Hello, I'm Steve Chan I'm a UI/UX Designer & Web Developer From Sydney, Australia_

About Me

With the ability to draw from early childhood, I grew up drawing and creating all sorts of wonderful things.

My primary school teachers and parents first realised that I was naturally artistic when I took out 1st place in a national poster design competition at a very young age. Then in high school I topped the grade in art a few times and I also got into making websites around the time of the dot-com boom where I first started messing with digital media and started to code HTML, CSS, Javascript and Actionscript.

After high school I decided to utilise and broaden my skills with various courses and by gaining experience working in most fields of Graphic Design and Web Development.

With design and coding up my sleeve, I'm passionate about creating things that function easily, visually communicates well to everyone, looks sweet nice and making our world a little brighter than it is today.

On the Design Side

As a multi-disciplined designer buzzing with creativity and armed with a vivid imagination, I'm able to deliver effective creative solutions to give your brand the edge it needs to succeed

  • Digital User Interface & Experience Design
  • Branding / Identity
  • 3D Animation & Motion Graphics
  • Print Media
  • Illustration
Connect with me.
  1. Creative ideas.
  2. I think it through
  3. I keep it fresh
  4. I keep it simple
  5. I keep it consistant
  6. I make it unique
  7. I make it friendly
  8. I make it connect
  9. I give it meaning
  10. I give it identity
  11. I do it with passion
  12. I bring it to life
  1. I make it work
  2. I make it dynamic
  3. I make it function
  4. I make it secure
  5. I make it perform
  6. I keep it optimised
  7. I keep it tidy
  8. I write it once (OOPS!)
  9. I innovative it

As a Developer

For the love of making things function and over 14 years of coding under the hood, I enjoy programming for the web from all angles. I believe in writing clean and re-usable code and delivering a fast and easy-to-use expierence.

  • Back-End Web Development
  • Front-End Web Development
  • Database Engineering
  • Server Administration


 Photoshop / Illustrator
I generally use Photoshop and Illustrator to draw and create images with.
 InDesign / Quark Express
I use these programs for layout purposes, mainly for when I do print design
 After Effects / Motion
I use these programs for creating motion graphics
 Cinema 4D
I use cinema 4D for creating 3D Graphics and Animations
 Final Cut / Premier
I generally use these programs for video editing
These are some design programs I know how to use

Technical Skills



PHP is my favorite scripting language. I use it to handle operations on the server side like managing and allocating data and files Etc.
I use Javascript to make a website operate faster or do cool things when a webpage is displayed in the browser. JQuery is my favorite Framework
I code HTML to display content on webpages like images and text and use CSS to position and decorate the HTML content so that it looks pretty and is eyelicious.
I generally use MySQL to store and manage data.
I just did a course to learn programming for Apples operating systems. I'm still a newbie to Objective-C, Cocoa and Applescript and haven't built anything professionally yet.
These are some languages that I can program

Say Hello!

Got a second? Why not introduce yourself or drop me a line. I don't bite so anything you wanna say or ask is reccomended. Just don't be shy.

I suck at accounting but if you want something designed or coded that simply kicks ass, I may be exactly what your looking for. Just ask.

I will do my best to get back to you pronto.

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Stay Connected

Connect with me.




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